How to install HUBBED Click & Collect app

    Installation Steps

  • 1. Click here sign up

  • 2. Once you signedup successfully, you will receive your API key that can be used to activate the app.

  • 3. Update the API KEY in Settings page

    How To Install
  • 4. Enable the widget from the Settings

    How To Install
  • 5. If you need to change the Click and Pick button location, copy the text below.

    From your store admin, Click Store front >My theme > Copy Theme > Edit Theme files >

    Templates > Pages > cart.html > Past code where you want to show the Click and Pick button

  • 9. Review widget at the storefront

    How To Install
  • 10. For any technical assistance, please reach out to us at

Configure Shipping Charges

1. Enable "Passing on the Click & Collect cost to customer" from App Settings


2. Create a Shipping method from store Admin

3. Go to "Store Setup" > "Shipping" > "Checkout Shipping Options"

4. Go to "Australia" > Click on Edit/Configure

5. Enable Flat Rate

6. Fill "HUBBED Fees" in Display name

7. Set shipping Rate and click on Submit